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Dr. Kellyann Curnayn DNP, APRN 

Graduated from the University of Florida in 2013 with her Doctorate of Nursing practice. She has a diverse medical backround in the areas Oncology, Cardiology, Critical Care Medicine, Urgent Care, and Primary Care. 

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Image by Samuel Ramos
IV Supplements 
  • Know your dose 

  • IV Vitamins 

  • Myers Cocktails 

  • Glutathione 

  • Alpha lipoic Acid (neuro protective) 

Happy Couple
Bio-Identical  Hormone Replacement 
  • Testosterone

  • Estrogen​

  • Progesterone 

  • Pellets

  • Ozempic, Vitamin B12, weight loss 

 Therapies Provided by Nature
Cures Provided by


the Field in

 Health "caring"
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